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Cell Invasion

CytoSelect Cell Invasion Assays
• Quantify cell invasion with no manual cell counting
• Plates precoated with ECM basement membrane, collagen I or laminin I
• Colorimetric or fluorometric detection

The ability of malignant tumor cells to invade normal surrounding tissue contributes in large part to the significant morbidity and mortality of cancers. Invasiveness requires several distinct cellular functions including adhesion, motility, detachment, and extracellular matrix proteolysis. Metastatic cells produce many proteolytic enzymes (e.g. lysosomal hydrolysates, collagenases, plasminogen activators) while the expression of certain cell surface protease receptors is also increased.

The CytoSelect Cell Invasion Assays contain polycarbonate membrane inserts (8 um pore size) in a 24-well or 96-well plate. The upper surface of the insert membrane is coated with a uniform layer of either ECM (extracellular matrix) gel (basement membrane), collagen I or laminin I.


This layer serves as a barrier to discriminate invasive cells from non-invasive cells. Invasive cells are able to degrade the matrix proteins in the layer, and ultimately pass through the pores of the polycarbonate membrane. Finally, the cells are removed from the top of the membrane and the invaded cells are stained and quantified.

Principle of the CytoSelect Cell Invasion Assay, Colorimetric

Fluorometric and colorimetric versions of the kits are available. In the fluorometric version the invasive cells are stained by CyQuant GR Dye and fluorescence is quantitated in a fluorometer. In the colorimeric version a cell staining dye is applied which can be quantitated at OD 560nm in a plate reader.

Combo Kits consisting of Invasion Assays + Cell Migration Assays (see link below) are also offered.

For user manuals see individual products.
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