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Cell Adhesion

CytoSelect™ Cell Adhesion Assay Kits

Cell adhesion is a complex process involved in embryogenesis, migration/invasion, tissue remodeling, inflammation, wound healing, and tumorigenesis. To perform these processes, cells adhere to extracellular matrix components (via adhesion receptors), forming complexes with components of the cytoskeleton that ultimately affect cell motility, differentiation, proliferation, and survival.

The CytoSelect™ Cell Adhesion Assay Kits enable the rapid and quantitative evaluation of cell adhesion. The kits contain sufficient reagents for the evaluation of 48 samples (40 wells coated with Collagen-I, Collagen-IV, Fibrinogen, Fibrinonectin, or Laminin, and 8 BSA-coated wells, or ECM Plate Array Version with 8 wells of each of the five ECM proteins and 8 BSA-coated wells).
Assay Principle:
The CytoSelect™ Cell Adhesion Assay Kits utilize adhesion factor-coated 48-well plates. First, cells are seeded onto the coated substrate, where the adherent cells are captured. Next, unbound cells are washed away, and the adherent cells are fixed/stained. Finally, the stain is extracted and quantified in a plate reader or in a fluorometer.
Fluorometric and Colorimetric versions of the kits are available. In the fluorometric version Cyquant® GR Dye is used, in the colorimeric version a cell staining dye is applied which can be quantitated at OD 560nm in a plate reader.

Special Leukocyte Endothelium and Epithelium Adhesion Assay Kits and a Tumor Endothelium Adhesion Assay Kit are also available.

CytoSelect™ Anoikis Assay Kit
Apoptosis that results from the loss of cell adhesion to the ECM, or inappropriate adhesion is defined as “anoikis.” Anoikis, from the Greek word for homelessness, is involved in the physiological processes of tissue renewal and cell homeostasis. A common feature of carcinoma development and growth is the ability of transformed cells to survive under “anchorage independent” or “spheroid” growth conditions. This resistance to anoikis has been shown to be involved in the loss of cell homeostasis, cancer growth, and metastasis.
The CytoSelect™ 24-well Anoikis Assay Kit provides a colorimetric and fluorometric format for measuring anchorage-independent growth and monitoring anoikis propelled cell death in cells.

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